Greece2022documentary26'Międzynarodowy konkurs krótkometrażowy (2023)

There are many legends and half-truth surrounding the often-demonized in vitro procedure. The directors of this short documentary decided to give voice to the women who have experienced this form artificial insemination from two different perspectives. Ioanna is a recipient who owes her maternity to the procedure, while Rosa, who has never wanted to be a mother, becomes an anonymous donor. The film is not a commercial but the recording of the experiences and reflections of two Greek women which shows the human face of the procedure resulting in the birth of triplets, so much awaited by one of the women.

directed by
Maria Sidiropoulou, portret reżysera
Maria Sidiropoulou

Maria Sidiropoulou is a producer and director of short documentaries, based in Athens. She enjoys experimenting with visual storytelling while exploring topics of gender as well as anthropology and human rights violations. She has worked as a researcher and field producer for Greek and international documentary platforms and media. The film “Girlhood", an Onassis Culture production, she co-directed, was a coming of age story about sexism and consent. Mommies is her second attempt to approach other aspects of (not strictly) womanhood. Maria is the proud owner of four cats.

Elvira Krithari, portret reżysera
Elvira Krithari

Elvira Krithari is a journalist. In 2017, she attends the Summer Investigative Reporting Course at Columbia University in New York with a scholarship, and afterwards co-founds the Mediterranean Institute for Investigative Reporting. In 2020 she receives BIRN's Fellowship of Journalistic Excellence, in the context of which she publishes a report on the booming ivf industry in Greece that precedes the movie "Mommies". Since 2020, she works for the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), as a news reporter and crisis correspondent. The documentary "Mommies" is her first film.

Maria Sidiropoulou, Myrto Tzima
Elvira Krithari, Maria Sidiropoulou
animated by
Eirini Vianelli
Yannis Veslemes
Sotiris Laskaris
Alexandra Verykokkou
Elena Choremi (ARIONA HELLAS)
Kadr z filmu Mommies