Dead Birds Flying High

Germany2022documentary85'Docs+Science (2023)

A story of birds, butterflies, fungi, moss and people. All these creatures, both dead and alive, were photographed by Jürgen F. Mahrt (1882–1940) with the same degree of attention. The former were captured for eternity, while the latter were depicted motionless but as if in a death-defying manner. The photographer was possessed by an obsession to act against the chaos of wars and the disaster of an abruptly changing landscape. Once used to teach people about nature, his photographic catalogues are employed today to study the changes in biodiversity. The images captured by Mahrt show simultaneously the past and the future.

directed by
Sönje Storm, portret reżysera
Sönje Storm

Sönje Storm lives and works in Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. She holds an M.A. degree in history of science and German literature from Humboldt University Berlin. She has worked as a tv producer for Deutsche Welle documentaries and as a reporter for DER SPIEGEL and 3sat tv. "Fakes in the Art World" (45 min, 2016, DW/SRF/RBB) has been broadcast internationally. "Dead Birds Flying High" is her first feature documentary.

Alexander Gheorghiu
Sönje Storm
Martin Husemann, Detlef Kolligs, Matthias Preuß, Esther Ruelfs, Sven Schumacher
Dominik Eulberg, Bertram Denzel, Henry Reyels
Roman Pogorzelski
Halina Daugird
Sönje Storm (stormfilm produktion)
Kadr z filmu Dead Birds Flying High