The Land You Belong

Italy, Romania2023documentary89'Międzynarodowy konkurs dokumentalny (2023)

From Northern Italy to Bucharest is a long way to go for the 30 year old film director in search for her biological family. She is accompanied by her biological brother she has just met, who experiences the journey in a completely different way. For Elena, this is also a journey inside herself, full of questions about her belonging and separateness, her roots and family bonds. Adopted by an Italian couple in her early childhood, she has no idea what the missing Romanian piece of the puzzle will be like or what it may bring for herself and her loved ones.

directed by
Elena Rebeca Carini, portret reżysera
Elena Rebeca Carini

Elena Rebeca Carini was born in 1990 in Romania. She grew up in Piacenza in Emilia-Romagna and studied in Milan, Rome and abroad. She graduated in Visual Arts at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and in Cinematographic Art at the Rome University of Fine Arts, where she realized several short films. "The Land You Belong" is her directorial debut.

Carmen Tofeni
Elena Rebeca Carini, Sandro Bozzolo
Marius Leftărache
Diego Berrè
Matteo Pecorara (Small Boss Production), Irina Malcea-Cândea (LUNA FILM)
Kadr z filmu The Land You Belong