Germany, Belarus2021documentary29'Short Matters! Krótkie filmy roku (2023)

In the days following the presidential election in Belarus in August 2020, numerous protests erupt throughout the country. The special police, OMON, take particularly brutal action against demonstrators, which even spills over onto passers-by. In total, almost 7000 people are arrested throughout Belarus. Hundreds of victims recount their experiences in interviews. Their reports reveal a system of repression, which is reconstructed in detail in the director’s room in Berlin Neukölln in the form of a cinematic guide. EFA nominee at the International Short Film Festival Nijmegen.

directed by
Pavel Mozhar, portret reżysera
Pavel Mozhar

Pavel Mozhar was born in 1987 in Minsk and has lived in and around Berlin since the age of ten. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy & Economics at the University of Bayreuth (2009-2012). During this time, he was involved in student film projects and attended seminars at the Media Studies faculty. After graduation he had various internships and jobs in the film industry. In 2015 he started his Master’s degree in Directing at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, majoring in documentary forms.

Jonas Römmig, Adam Graf
Pavel Mozhar
animated by
Laura Därr
Joscha Eickel
Florian Seufert, Pavel Mozhar
Kolja Wolle, Pavel Mozhar
Kadr z filmu Handbook