Poland2023documentary70'Międzynarodowy konkurs dokumentalny (2023)Konkurs polski (2023)

Mikael Lypinski likes to portray various nomads, rebels against the system, refugees and outcasts. This time he focuses his camera lens on a small community living in the mountainous forests of Oregon. People live there in a Spartan way, on their own terms and in close contact with nature, animals and each other. The film protagonists have had traumatic experiences, their lives are far from idyllic; nevertheless, they have managed to find their own place on Earth. Time passes here in a different way, as reflected in this film - a rough ballad about people for whom the outskirts of the world have become its centre.

directed by
Mikael Lypinski, portret reżysera
Mikael Lypinski

Director, cinematographer. Born and raised in Stockholm. He graduated from the Directing Department of the Polish National Film School in Lodz. "Unpaved" is his feature-length documentary debut. Shot in the desert in California, the documentary "Desert Coffee" premiered at KFF 2017, and won the Grand Prix at the "Man in Danger" festival in Lodz, Poland, and a jury's honorable mention at "DocsMX" in Mexico. Mikael is currently editing the documentary "The End of Quiet," shot in West Virginia, USA. The film is co-financed by the Danish and Swedish film institutes.

Mikael Lypinski
Mikael Lypinski
Marcin Sucharski
Franciszek Kozłowski
Marcin Sucharski
Małgorzata Kozioł (East Beast)
Kadr z filmu Unpaved