Signs of War

Ukraine, Austria2022documentary85'Międzynarodowy konkurs dokumentalny (2023)

We were blind. The war which is raging in Ukraine now began nine years ago. French reporter Pierre Crom documented that period and today, using words and images, he talks about his experiences from the front and Ukrainian streets as well as the forebodings, sometimes surreal, that harbingered a full-scale invasion back then. Spiral dramaturgy and the hypnotic rhythm of the story turn the film into more than just a show of talking heads confronted with horrifying photographs and raw footage. It is also a personal testimony of someone who feels responsible for the image of the war as shown by the media.

directed by
Juri Rechinsky, portret reżysera
Juri Rechinsky

Juri Rechinsky is a director, editor and writer. Born in Turkmenistan in 1986, raised in Ukraine, based in Vienna since 2013. His documentary "Sickfuckpeople" (2013) and feature film "Ugly" (2017) have been shown among others at Rotterdam IFF, Hot Docs, Sao Paolo Mostra, DOK Leipzig. Winner of several awards, including Heart of Sarajevo, Raindance, Viennale, Diagonale, European Independent Film Festival and DocsDF Mexico. Member of European Film Academy.

Pierre Crom, portret reżysera
Pierre Crom

Pierre Crom was born in 1967 in France. He lives in the Netherlands. In his award-winning photo reportages he dealt with geo/political and social problems and cooperated with renowned international photo agencies (Getty Images, ANP, Hollandse Hoogte); Since 2014 Crom documented the crisis in Ukraine and captured historical moments like the annexation of Crimea, the shooting down of the passenger plane MH17 or violations of the ceasefire by Russia. He has received numerous awards for his work.

Serhiy Stefan Stetsenko
Juri Rechinsky
Peter Utvary, Anton Baibakov, Bohdan Barakovskykh
Juri Rechinsky
Barbara Caspar, Martin Maier, Juri Rechinsky, Pierre Crom (fragile features)
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