Our Pain

Japan2023animated16'Międzynarodowy konkurs krótkometrażowy (2023)

A visual attempt to capture the essence of pain, a universal phenomenon experienced individually by each person. By intertwining contrasting images, the animation presents the phenomenon from a variety of perspectives – as physical suffering and emotional pain. Incessant scratching or bodily injury are set next to the protagonist’s visit to a cemetery or a therapy session and Band-Aid is used to stitch both injuries and torn photographs. The animation is pinching and intriguing – the image is deformed by glitches, the film texture is coarse and the characters assume unnatural dimensions and body proportions making the viewer uncomfortable.

directed by
Shunsaku Hayashi, portret reżysera
Shunsaku Hayashi

Shunsaku Hayashi was born in 1992 in Osaka. As a painter and experimental filmmaker, he explores the intersection of experimental film, animation and painting. “Interstitial (2017)“ won the Grand Jury Prize for Animation Short at 23rd Slamdance Film Festival. “Railment (2017)” received the Chris Frayne Award for Best Animated Film at 55th Ann Arbor Film Festival. “Leaking Life (2019)” was official selected at several international film festival, including Berlinale, Annecy, Zagreb, and Raindance.

Shunsaku Hayashi
Shunsaku Hayashi
animated by
Shunsaku Hayashi
Makoto Itabashi
Shunsaku Hayashi
Shunsaku Hayashi (Shunsaku Hayashi Film)
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