Who Will Clean Your Windows?

Poland2022documentary47'Konkurs polski (2023)

Darek is 24 and after 10 years of education at a school for students with intellectual disabilities he needs to confront himself with adulthood. At a film workshop, he receives a camera that will enable him to tell a story of the final weeks at his favourite place from his own perspective. In his musings about trifles as well as matters he cannot fully understand, he is accompanied by his best friend, Daniel. They experience the world in their own way and, at the same time, enable the viewer to see the reality through their eyes for a little while. Full of warmth and humour, the film is a story of friendship as a universal value that joins people regardless of any differences or limitations.

directed by
Dariusz Janiczak, portret reżysera
Dariusz Janiczak

A special educator by profession, he works at school with people with intellectual disabilities. He started his adventure with filmmaking by creating short amateur films awarded at various festivals in Poland. He also uses film in his pedagogical work, organising film workshops for children and young people and film therapy classes for people with disabilities. Co-founder of the nationwide FilmON Film Festival for People with Disabilities. He is also one of the producers of the Nowa Huta Film Chronicle. "Who will clean your windows?" is his first professional documentary film.

Mateusz Mirocha
Dariusz Janiczak
Dariusz Stawarz, Daniel Filipowski
Urszula Bucka
Mateusz Mirocha (Fundacja Edukacji i Sztuki)
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