Like Wave Like Cloud

China2023fiction17'Międzynarodowy konkurs krótkometrażowy (2023)

Two feet meet in the depth of an ocean stroking each other gently. The next wave opens up a new chance for a wonderful surfer’s slide, you just need to let water and energy carry you without much thinking. Isn’t it also a recipe for a successful partnership? Somewhere at the end of the world, a relationship between two women in a different age is put to the test. Their love does not exist outside this world as it is entangled in the context of family relations and above all, dreams, desires and concerns. With a party around them and fireworks lighting up the sky, the camera captures a single tear on the cheek of one protagonist. Somewhere in between words, love is looking for a way – just like in the cinema of Wong Kar-Wai.

directed by
Yulin Yang, portret reżysera
Yulin Yang

Yulin Yang is a director and screenwriter from China, who graduated from NYU Tisch. He aims to make films that poetically reflect real human conditions, especially the feelings and the emotions often unspoken of, in which a truer reality may dwell.

Cecile Zhang
Yulin Yang
Lu Huang, Jing Jin
Point Hsu
Kun Lou, Bobo Lau
Yulin Yang, Clara Dubau
Yulin Yang
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