Lodz Kaliska: Classic Artists of the Absurd

Poland, USA2023documentary90'Panorama polskiego dokumentu (2023)

The history of the phenomenon of Łódź Kaliska presented in a Monty-Pythonesque style. Łódź Kaliska is among the most eminent and original artistic groups in Poland, which has been continuously active on the avant-garde scene for 44 years. The documentary presents rich archival materials from the artistic heyday of the group, which includes recordings of the most controversial, breakthrough happenings and works depicting the absurdity of the life in the Polish People’s Republic. The archival footage is commented on in the interviews with members and supporters of the group and supplemented by animations, which stylistically correspond to the group's surrealist profile.

directed by
Sławomir Grünberg, portret reżysera
Sławomir Grünberg

Sławomir Grünberg
Sławomir Grünberg
animated by
Kat Garstka
Wojciech Lemański
Cezary Kowalczuk
Barbara Grünberg (LOGTV Films Polska)
Kadr z filmu Lodz Kaliska: Classic Artists of the Absurd