The Time after the Rain

Spain2021documentary72'Fokus na Hiszpanię (2023)

The filmmakers observe the life of the Sahara natives living in the Boujdour camp without a commentary and with due respect. They document the everyday reality of several generations of the male part of the society: Mohamed’s blind grandfather recalls the times of living in the city with nostalgia, his two-year-old nephew takes uncertain steps on a construction site, reminding Mohamed of his own childhood. Mohamed is thinking longingly about returning to Spain and yet he cannot abandon his family in need. "The time after the rain" is a touching film, imbued with a sense of encouragement and support. The documentary protagonists, who live in extremely harsh conditions, are trying to offer each other a bit of normality.

directed by
Júlia Girós, portret reżysera
Júlia Girós

Born in Barcelona in 1992. Documentary filmmaker, photographer and VideoJockey (VJ). She studies cinema at ESCAC and specializes in documentary. She also studied Documentary Bases at the London Film Academy and the Postgraduate Course in Cultural Management of Festivals and Shows at the UB. She has founded the Mambo Project, an audiovisual artistic collective that explores different disciplines from a documentary perspective. She has directed the documentaries Ayiti Cheri is her final degree project, a documentary short filmed in Haiti, selected at the Docs Barcelona - DocU Festival, Film and Human Rights Film Festival of Valencia, K&O Digital Solidarity Film Festival and winner of the Barcelona Visual Sound Festival; La Passió segons to Pep Amores, selected at the Bcn Film Fest; and The Time After the Rain, currently in distribution. Now she is working on the documentary No ni ná, about a community in Barcelona who lived in shacks at the 80s. She has participated in the team of documentaries such as La Nova Escola, a Nanouk Films and TVC production, selected at DocsBarcelona and broadcast on television. In photographic format, she has created, among other projects: Mohamed, portrait winner of the second prize in the Signo Editores Fotografía 2016 contest, portrait category; From Caboalles de Arriba, a photographic series selected at the Photogenic Festival 2018 and winner of the Stripart Festival 2019. Currently, he is a resident artist at the Fabra i Coats creating live visuals for the music group Ominira.

Pol Picas, portret reżysera
Pol Picas

Born in Barcelona in 1992. He graduated at ESCAC (Superior School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia) and specialized in documentary. He has worked as director, editor, sound engineer and filmmaker in various productions in ESCAC films, Nanouk Films, Anou Audiovisuals, among others. In 2017 he co-founded Mambo Project, an audiovisual colective that explores the documentary perspective. He has co-directed the full-length documentaries “La passió segons Pep Amores” (Morris Films, 2021) and “El tiempo después de la lluvia” (Alhena Films, 2022).

Nina Solà, portret reżysera
Nina Solà

Born in Barcelona, studied cinema and audiovisuals at ESCAC and specializes in documentaries. She learned Interactive Documentary at FurgaFoto and did a Postgraduate course in staging and digital technology at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. Her work is structured around a look at documentaries and the development of hybrid projects between theater and audiovisual. She founded the artistic collective Mambo Project dedicated to audiovisual and scenic creation. She has directed the documentaries "Cartes al meu fill", an ESCAC Films production that has participated in Docs Barcelona, MiraDocs and DokumentArt and has been broadcast on television; "La Passió segons Pep Amores", selected at the Bcn Film Fest; "Solstici", a Fractal Films production for the National Council of Culture and Arts of Catalonia broadcast on television and "The Time After the Rain", currently in distribution. Now, she is working on the documentary "Aprendre", a Fractal Films production. She has participated in the team of documentaries such as "Alcaldessa", a Nanouk Films and TVC production, winner of the award for best documentary at the Gaudí Awards and La Nova Escola a Nanouk Films production, selected at DocsBarcelona and broadcast on television. On theater, her first multidisciplinary show as director and audiovisual designer stands out, La Festa, a co-production and premiere at Fira Tàrrega and ICEC, and the works currently on tour "Iaia" and "Ells i jo".

Júlia Girós
Júlia Girós, Pol Picas, Nina Solà
Pol Picas, Júlia Girós, Nina Solà
Norbert Llaràs Carles (Alhena Production)
Kadr z filmu The Time after the Rain