It's Only/Not Only A Body... Or A Short Film About Freedom

Poland2023documentary82'Konkurs polski (2023)

Love thyself. This is the life credo of Zosia - a photographer, traveller and free spirit. Going round the world in her camper, she uses photography to make other women comfortable with nakedness and teaches them to love their own bodies. In front of her lens stood women who experienced eating disorders and did not accept their looks. Zosia, who has no place of her own on Earth, has been on the road since she left school at the age of 18. Freedom is a priority for her but loneliness and longing for love may sometimes jeopardise her travelling plans.

directed by
Michał Hytroś, portret reżysera
Michał Hytroś

Born in 1994 in Krakow. Graduate of directing at the K. Kieslowski Film School in Katowice and of dramatic acting at the A. Zelwerowicz Theater Academy in Warsaw. Author of short documentary and feature films, awarded at Polish and foreign festivals.

Michał Hytroś
Michał Hytroś
animated by
Karina Paciorkowska
Zosia Lenczewska-Samotyj
The Stubs, Fertile Hump, Haley Heynderickx, Natalia Przybysz
Maciej Amilkiewicz
Yakiv Komarynsky
Michał Hytroś
Kadr z filmu It's Only/Not Only A Body... Or A Short Film About Freedom