Israel2022fiction19'Międzynarodowy konkurs krótkometrażowy (2023)

Life is made of repeatable stories, accounts and questions. Birth and death, joy and sickness, youth and old age. In ‘Clinging’ Liat Glick focuses the camera on herself to tell a tender story about a trio made of a mature 47-year-old daughter without a partner or children, her mother and Natasha’s beloved aging dog. This subtle cinema, which applies semi-documentary means, focuses on the woman, her concerns and feelings. It is endearing with its authenticity and fairness revealing the most delicate sphere of the protagonist’s life. It remains close to a human without falling into any radicalism.

directed by
Liat Glick, portret reżysera
Liat Glick

Liat Glick graduated in 1995 from the prestigious Nissan Nativ Acting Studio in Tel Aviv. During her acting studies. Liat acted in film & theatre and has been nominated for the Israeli Academy Award and Theatre Academy Awards for her work. In 2011 she graduated with honors from the Minshar School of Art Film Department and finished her graduation film “Layla Bahir”. The film was accepted to the Berlin film Festival and many others. In 2020 she directed “Sugar Crash” which was accepted to the St. Louis Film Festival and other acclaimed festivals.

Omer Lotan
Liat Glick
Liat Glick, Nili Glick, Amnon Fisher
Amnon Fisher, Nir Friedman
Ami Arad
Noam Ziv
Liat Glick (Independent)
Kadr z filmu Clinging