Time Passes Through the City

Lithuania1966documentary20'Pokaz specjalny (2023)

In the film, the director attempted to delve into the old walls of Vilnius, capturing the history of the city and resurrecting its phantoms. The film features an eloquent soundtrack, with contrasting juxtapositions that add additional subtext to the film, including Soviet marches and Oginsky's polonaise, as well as the sound of bells merging with the sound of planes crossing the sky. This is the only poetic documentary film from the Soviet era where Vilnius serves as the main character. As Ž.Pipinytė observes: "Doškus immediately creates a dialogue with Grikevičius. But it’s not only a dialogue of forms or images, as an invisible plane keeps drawing the same line in the Vilnius sky or construction cranes get too close to the houses and palaces that remember the city's past.

directed by
Almantas Grikevičius, portret reżysera
Almantas Grikevičius

Documentary and feature film director and scriptwriter graduated from All-Union State Institute of Cinematography in 1965. In 1969-1992 he worked at the Lithuanian Film Studio. His film “A Fact” was the first Lithuanian film to be shown and awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, whereas his film “Feelings” is considered to be all-time best Lithuanian film. In 2009 he was awarded with the Lithuanian National Prize for his lifetime achievements and input in Lithuanian culture.

Zacharijus Putilovas
Almantas Grikevičius
Algimantas Apanavičius
Dovydas Ožechovas
Vytenis Imbrasas
(Lietuvos kino studija)
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