Poland, Ukraine2023documentary30'Konkurs polski (2023)

War is never far away, as Wojciech Młynarski wrote. The residents of Shestovitcha, a village liberated from under the Russian occupation, are trying to move on with their lives. Nevertheless, it is difficult to live in peace when danger is lurking just behind the corner. Their houses have been destroyed, bullets can be found in the fields and cemeteries have filled with new graves. News about the aggressor’s next move is being continuously broadcast on the radio and television. A terrifyingly true portrayal of people who are trying to remain normal in abnormal times.

directed by
Jakub Stoszek, portret reżysera
Jakub Stoszek

Magdalena Mistygacz, portret reżysera
Magdalena Mistygacz

She was born in 1993. She graduated from Journalism and Social Communication. She studied at the Pontifical University in Krakow, Jagiellonian University and Texas State University in San Marcos. In her work she focuses on the perspective of the ordinary person, and finds universal content in simple stories. She has gained experience working for Polish Television, the Associated Press, as well as numerous charitable organizations, including the Refugee and Migrant Education Network and the World Food Organization.

Jakub Stoszek
Jakub Stoszek, Magdalena Mistygacz
Hanna Rani, Hanna Raniszewska
Jakub Stoszek
Jakub Orłoś (Fala Film sp. z o.o.)
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