In My Skin

Spain2023documentary14'Międzynarodowy konkurs krótkometrażowy (2023)

Lace, taffeta and subtle elegant adornments on dresses. Wide sleeves, frills, deep necklines and long colourful earrings moving rhythmically. Canes, crutches and wheelchairs. Women, men and spectators are exposed to a hypnotic dance show which is a flamenco performance staged among beautiful ancient Spanish walls. It was created by persons with disabilities who feel free and fulfilled while dancing and singing.

directed by
Sándor M. Salas, portret reżysera
Sándor M. Salas

Sandor M. Salas was born in 1983 in Sevilla. He graduated in Editing and Digital Post-Production at Escuela Andaluza de Cinematografía (EAC). He likes exploring audiovisual language and his work includes creative documentary, experimental cinema and video-art. He has previously directed the video essay «Seismic Silence» (2020), premiered and awarded at Sevilla European Film Festival. His short films have been selected in festivals like DocsMX, Alcances or Alcine and nominated in ASECAN Awards.

Ana Cinta Alonso
Sándor M. Salas
Javi Rivas
Sándor M. Salas
Anabella Hernández (Anandor Producciones)
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