Two Shores

Poland, USA2022fiction26'Konkurs polski (2023)

‘Anna Maria has a sad face, Anna Maria is looking ahead’, these lyrics of Czerwone Gitary’s ballad accompany the protagonist, who arrives at New York to deal with the emptiness left after her father who has been absent for many years. New facts about his life on emigration make Anna confront her past. Different variants of the same scenario, i.e. a child left behind by an emigrating parent, could be seen among many Polish families in the communist era. These stories go beyond the boundaries of one state or time period. ‘Two Shores’ takes on a poetic flavour. In a subtle way, it touches upon what is the most painful and what shapes us. The film is not devoid of an intriguing, almost documentary, observation of the streets of the metropolis, a melting pot of many cultures and stories. Simple, subtle and honest cinema.

directed by
Matt Subieta, portret reżysera
Matt Subieta

Mateusz Subieta studied at the Wajda School and the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television in Sydney. In the past, he worked as a creative director at animation studios, including the New York branch of Platige Image. He is a guest lecturer at universities in Poland and the US. He is responsible for the film layer of the World War II Museum exhibition in Gdansk. As a writer and director, he has produced documentary series for CANAL+, Discovery and the History Channel. His first short film, The Tourist, was screened as part of the Critics' Week at the Cannes Film Festival. He is currently developing his debut feature film.

Ewa Rodart, portret reżysera
Ewa Rodart

Actress, director, screenwriter and visual artist. She graduated from the acting department of the William Esper Studio in New York from 2015 to 2017, and has performed in film and theater in Poland, Germany and the US. She is also involved in visual arts. She studied collage and painting in New York under the tutelage of abstract painter Judith Godwin. Before moving to the US, she taught Latin American literature at the University of Warsaw and worked at the consulting firm EY. She holds degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and Spanish Philology. "Two Shores" is her directorial debut.

Grzegorz Myjkowski
Ewa Rodart, Maks Kubiś
Ewa Rodart, Maks Kubiś, Jerzy Bończak, Philip Lenkowsky, Holger Falk, Igor Stepanov, Milena Lisiecka, Sila Blume
Paweł Skorupka
Bart Putkiewicz
Wojciech Siara
Maks Kubiś, Ewa Rodart (Mint Film)
Kadr z filmu Two Shores