Her Own Truth

Poland2023animated10'Konkurs polski (2023)

They planned to spend only three months in Germany. Unexpectedly, the imposition of martial law forced the mother and the daughter to change their plans. Will the grandmother who said they would never see each other again turn out to be right? In this documentary animation the narrator is remembering her own story. A nostalgic film about loneliness, longing and the unpredictability of human faith around which the audience is guided by a little girl and Barnaby the bear, while the lullaby ‘From the Ashtray of Wojtuś…’ can be heard in the background.

directed by
Agnieszka Kruczek, portret reżysera
Agnieszka Kruczek

Director of animation, commercials, music videos and also video installations. She is a graduate of the Hochschule Hannover for Multimedia Design and the Film Academy Ludwigsburg for Animation. Scholarship holder at the Berlinale Talents and the European Animation Exchange Forum.To her credit, she has worked with television stations: ARTE, ZDF, 3SAT, PRO 7, many production and advertising agencies. Her video installations have been shown in museum exhibitions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She produced the children's app "Lucy&Pogo" with cats´n´dogz, of which she is also a partner. "Lucy&Pogo" was based on Pawel Pawlak's book "The Cat Who Wagged His Tail." The app won the Golden Award at the Digital Ehon Awards in Tokyo (2017) and was nominated at the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award.

Agnieszka Kruczek
animated by
Maciej Fechner, Robin Kasznia, Katarzyna Majsner, Józef Trzaska
Agnieszka Kruczek
Piotr Furmankiewicz, Mateusz Michalak (Fumi Studio)
Kadr z filmu Her Own Truth