Think Something Nice

Switzerland2022animated6'Międzynarodowy konkurs krótkometrażowy (2023)

What are you thinking about when you sit down on a dental chair? The best option is to focus on something pleasant. Imagine a small boat drifting in an unknown sea and an angling fisherman who smokes a pipe while sailing it. In the background, there is a sunset, calm waves and jumping fish. It is not easy at all to drift away in your dreams when someone is boring a hole in your teeth and the pain attacks your nerves. An animated metaphor of human life in which we are trying to function in two parallel worlds. We tend to choose a more pleasant and easier option avoiding problems and ignoring real danger.

directed by
Claudius Gentinetta, portret reżysera
Claudius Gentinetta

He was born in 1968 in Lucerne. Studied graphic design and animation in Lucerne, Liverpool, Kassel and Krakow. He is working as freelance graphic artist and animator in Zurich.

Claudius Gentinetta
Claudius Gentinetta
animated by
Cécile Brun, Simon Eltz, Claudius Gentinetta
Balz Bachmann
Peter Bräker
Claudius Gentinetta
Claudius Gentinetta (gentinettafilm GmbH)
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