Mariupol. A Hundred Nights

Ukraine, Germany2023animated7'Międzynarodowy konkurs krótkometrażowy (2023)

A dramatic and shocking picture of the Russian invasion in Ukraine presented from the perspective of a four-year-old girl surrounded by all things terrifying and red: the blood of the wounded, the sky after explosions and the city in flames. The girl escapes and the takes of her shoes looking for shelter become the visual refrain of the film. The narrative is a song, rebellious and full of anger, with a distinct vocal, which gains an extraordinary strength and power in combination with the image. Authentic photographs of destroyed buildings in Mariupol and drawings of war from a diary of a nine-year-old boy were used in the film. The animation is dedicated to children who are suffering and were killed during the war in Ukraine.

directed by
Sofiia Melnyk, portret reżysera
Sofiia Melnyk

Sofiia Melnyk is a Ukrainian illustrator and animator. She has illustrated several books and music album covers, worked as an animator, animation supervisor and designer on short movies, as well as animated feature films and documentaries for TV and cinema. Her own projects have more of a documentary touch. After the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion in Ukraine Sofiia has been exploring this topic in her work, participating in projects which are explaining Ukrainian issues to the world and are promoting Ukrainian art.

Sofiia Melnyk
Sofiia Melnyk, Andrii , Palatnyi
animated by
Sofiia Melnyk, Anastasiia Falileeva
Volodymyr Rudenko
Sofiia Melnyk
Andrii Palatnyi (Gogol Fest)
Kadr z filmu Mariupol. A Hundred Nights