Germany, Italy2022fiction15'Międzynarodowy konkurs krótkometrażowy (2023)

Mångata is a reflection of the Moon’s light on a water surface which indicates the way to the Moon. This light also helps to rescue little Alya. She is the only one saved from a refugee boat that sunk in the Mediterranean. Many years later, as an astronaut on a pioneering mission, she will need this light again. Maja Costa takes the refugee subject, usually shown as a drama or bitter tragedy, into new territories. Under the attractive guise of science fiction she may concentrate not on what is going on nowadays but look into the future with hope and optimism challenging prejudice and stereotypes.

directed by
Maja Costa, portret reżysera
Maja Costa

Maja Costa is a multilingual screenwriter/director. After studying Cello and getting an MA in Ancient Near Eastern Studies/Egyptology, she studied Screenwriting at the DFFB in Berlin and attended the international showrunner incubator Serial Eyes as a scholarship holder from SKY Italia. She is currently developing original series for different production companies and broadcasters and co-adapting the novel “E.E.” by Nobel Prize laureate Olga Tokarczuk into a feature-length film.

Carola Rodríguez Sanchez
Maja Costa
animated by
Ana Fernandes, Joana Vieira da Costa
Stefany Fruzzetti, Ayo Aloba, Afnan Ehoran
Renato & Ronaldo Gama
Barbara Toennieshen
Antonio Padovani (Latteplus Berlin Film Production)
Kadr z filmu Mångata