I Know You’re Afraid Too

Poland2023animated13'Konkurs polski (2023)

A woman is afraid of a big black bird she keeps in her flat locked in a cage. The bird terrifies her but she is unable to get rid of it. She decides to take it to the Office of Weights and Measures to have it measured. Maybe someone can take its dimensions and catalogue it so that it will be easier to tame it. Unfortunately, the clerk has no idea how to help her. Hovering over the border between the absurd and grotesque, the animation shows our hidden fears, loneliness and cages we create for ourselves. The film was dubbed by two eminent Polish actors, Anna Dymna and Andrzej Chyra.

directed by
Pola Włodarczyk, portret reżysera
Pola Włodarczyk

Pola Wlodarczyk was born in 1999 in Lodz, Poland. She is currently studying Animated Film and Special Effects at the Film School in Lodz.

Pola Włodarczyk
Pola Włodarczyk
animated by
Pola Włodarczyk, Justyna Pazdan
Anna Dymna, Andrzej Chyra
Marcel Baliński
Joanna Szczęsnowicz
Pola Włodarczyk
Agata Golańska (Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna im. L.Schillera w Łodzi)
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