Try Harder!

USA2021documentary84'Domówka (2023)

Students of one of the best high schools in San Francisco know the word pressure better than anyone else. Their peers consider them to be machines for obtaining the best exam results, yet they need to face discrimination at universities, cope with their parents’ expectations and their own unfulfilled dreams. However, these young people do not lose determination, joy of life and hope that somehow they will get admitted to a prestigious university. Even though it sounds like a recipe for the most depressing documentary about teenagers, the film is brimming with youthful energy, smiles and fortitude necessary to fight with the American education system.

directed by
Debbie Lum

Lou Nakasako, Kathy Huang
Diana Salier
Andrew Gersh, Amy Ferraris
Nico Opper, Lou Nakasako (Debbie Lum LLC)
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