Poland2022fiction15'Konkurs polski (2023)

Thursday is the day to which Maria has been preparing for some time, more or less since the moment when she learnt she was pregnant. Her boyfriend, family and friends are all supportive and advise her on maternity ignoring Maria and the signals she is trying to send. The girl decides not to inform them about her decision and plans for Thursday. The film focuses on abortion from the perspective of an individual decision of a young and determined woman. Its minimalist form, which condenses several hours from the protagonist’s life in 15 minutes, combined with credible performance and true testimonies of women, develops a firm base for a conversation focused on an individual, not politics, even if it is impossible to avoid the latter.

directed by
Bren Cukier, portret reżysera
Bren Cukier

Before moving to Poland in 2020, Cukier spent 5 years in NYC working as a director/editor after attending Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies. Focused on telling nuanced stories in a visually striking way, her work combines documentary and narrative filmmaking with her experience in fashion and art photography. Cukier's work is rooted in her belief that sharing individual stories can impact the lives of many. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Nadia Szymańska
Bren Cukier
Bartosz Szpak
Mariusz Gos
Stanisław Zaborowski, Daria Maślona (Silver Frame)
Kadr z filmu Thursday