Poland2022documentary7'Konkurs polski (2023)

An oneiric impression about Włodzimierz "Kinior" Kiniorski - a composer and multi-instrumentalist from the Polish jazz scene. It is an intimate and uncompromising film made by his son. This story is far from classical biographies and conventional narratives. The mood is more important than facts here – musical and visual layers include many motifs and inspirations that contribute to this atypical, almost trance-like portrayal of the artist who has cooperated for years with the most important musicians and bands in the history of Polish music.

directed by
Kacper Kiniorski, portret reżysera
Kacper Kiniorski

Kacper Kiniorski was born in 2001 in Kielce. He was brought up in two environments, the artist-avant-garde on the part of his parents and the “real” world among his peers. In May 2020 he entered the Warsaw Film School where he continues his education to this day creating avant-garde productions and wandering dreamy through the school corridors.

Kacper Kiniorski
Kacper Kiniorski
Włodzimierz Kiniorski
Kacper Kiniorski
Maciej Ślesicki, Barbara Pawłowska (Warsaw Film School)
Kadr z filmu Kinior