Last Days of Summer

France, India2023fiction15'Międzynarodowy konkurs krótkometrażowy (2023)

A small community lives in a village isolated from the world by a Himalayan mountain range. A mysterious sound, a thunder or rumble, can be heard from afar but only by two young shepherds. What does it bode? Why cannot others notice it? The young men decide to solve this mystery and go to the mountains regardless of danger. It is a simple, albeit not banal, story focusing on ecology and social issues featuring spectacular views and a credible performance by amateur artists. Are these the final days of summer for our planet? The film has already won acclaim at the festival in Rotterdam.

directed by
Stenzin Tankong, portret reżysera
Stenzin Tankong

Born in 1990, Stenzin Tankong is a Film & Television graduate from the Symbiosis Centre of Media and Communication. He’s a director and scriptwriter from Ladakh. He has been working on motion pictures for about five years now, and his one aim is to bring the stories of his people and culture onto the world platform. "Last days of summer" is his first professional film.

Jigmet Wangchuk
Stenzin Tankong
Tsewang Chodak, Stanzin Thupstan, Padma Angmo
Andrea Boccadorro
Bigyna Dahal
Jérôme Blesson, Flore Cavigneaux, Stenzin Tankong (LA BELLE AFFAIRE PRODUCTIONS)
Kadr z filmu Last Days of Summer