Yarik the Rascal

Ukraine2022documentary84'Jak w zwierciadle (2023)

The movie is about Yarik "Rascal" Godunok, the commander of a volunteer squad in the Russo-Ukrainian War. His small unit held the defense of one of the villages in Kyiv region against Russian troops for almost a month. During this time, he survived many shellings, got wounded several times, and had to overcome the distrust of military officials.

directed by
Yurii Pupirin, portret reżysera
Yurii Pupirin

Film director born in 1977 in the village of Feskovka, Mensky district, Chernihiv region of Ukraine. In 2011 graduated from Kyiv National University Theater, Cinema and Television name I. K. Karpenko-Kary.

Yurii Pupirin
Yurii Pupirin
Yurii Pupirin
Yurii Pupirin (Yurii Pupirin)
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