Grandpa's Orchard

Poland, Ukraine2023documentary73'Konkurs polski (2023)

The Volhynian massacre remains a taboo subject for the next generations of Poles and Ukrainians. Karolina’s family spoke about the events in which their relatives were murdered behind a closed door only. To discover the truth about her ancestors, Karolina sets off on a journey to Volhynia. She is accompanied by a Ukrainian cameraman, Oleksandr, who also wants to find out about the story of his family members. Together, they explore the area, once inhabited by Poles, whose landscape is now made of empty fields. They talk to local residents, some of whom still remember the tragic events of 1943.

directed by
Karol Starnawski, portret reżysera
Karol Starnawski

Director of documentary films. Graduate of directing at the PWSFTviT in Lodz. For the past two years, he has been a doctoral student and lecturer cooperating with the Lodz Film School. Participant and winner of film festivals in Poland and Europe. The premiere screening of his documentary feature debut "Shadows of the Empire" took place at the 59th Krakow Film Festival, and won the audience award at the "Man in Danger" festival in Lodz. In 2022, the feature script "Two Mothers" co-authored by Starnawski won the main prize in the "Script Pro" competition (together with Anna Dembowska). "Grandfather's Orchard" is the second feature-length documentary film in the director's oeuvre.

Oleksandr Pozdnyakov
Witold Szabłowski
Ołeksandr Jarmoła
Tomasz Sikora
Paweł Kowalik
Dorota Roszkowska (Arkana Studio)
Kadr z filmu Grandpa's Orchard