Lazaro and the Shark. Cuba under the Surface

Cuba, USA2022documentary76'Międzynarodowy konkurs dokumentalny (2023)

Even a carnival is a political affair in Cuba. Organised in Santiago de Cuba, a fiesta in the conga rhythm commemorates the outbreak of the revolution and becomes the only opportunity for the residents to express their local identity. Competing districts attempt to outdo each other in terms of creativity. For the characters, this carnival is also a call for freedom, which does not please the communist authorities. The films captures everyday concerns of Cubans, who live in poverty and fear of repression struggling with the dilemma of emigration. The picture is sensual and dynamic, far from cheap exotic thrills and critical in its message.

directed by
William Sabourin O´Reilly, portret reżysera
William Sabourin O´Reilly

Born in Havana, Cuba 1972, William Sabourin O’Reilly moved to New Orleans in 2000 to attend the College of Fine Arts. During Katrina in 2005, William produced and edited his nationally recognized short film "Old Orleans". Much of the footage he captured during the storm and its aftermath has been broadcast internationally and used in various documentaries; The History Channel, Spike Lee’s, "When The Levees Broke", among others. He also won a National Geographic Special Emmy Award for the documentary Witness Katrina. Sabourin has also worked as a cinematographer on shows for HBO, PBS and Telemundo. In 2011, William won an award for Best Documentary Short at the New Orleans Film Festival for his film "Chasing Dreams". In 2015, he wrote and directed "Color Code, Memories" a documentary about race relations in his native Cuba.

William Sabourin O´Reilly
William Sabourin O´Reilly
Alexey Marti, Jose Maria Vitier, Willy Keys
Halil Efrat, Daniel Diez, Carlos Larrondo
Bryan Bailey (TungstenMonkey Films)
Kadr z filmu Lazaro and the Shark. Cuba under the Surface