My Blonde GF

United Kingdom2023documentary19'Międzynarodowy konkurs krótkometrażowy (2023)

A thriller-like story, except that it is true. Helen, an awarded author, is a public person. Her photographs can easily be found online and on her social media profiles. The woman has never shared her intimate photographs or recordings. To her immense surprise, she discovers that vulgar pictures containing her image can be found on porn sites. Helen is terrified and feels as if she is losing ground under her feet. She was abused, just like many other persons who increasingly more often are falling victim to deepfakes.

directed by
Rosie Morris, portret reżysera
Rosie Morris

Rosie graduated from the National Film and Television School in February 2020. Empathy, conversation, and collaboration are at the heart of her process. She prioritises intimacy and emotion to make films that are grounded in everyday experience, but psychologically complex and emotionally charged. In 2020, her film "Heart, eyes and a world" was part of the Official Selection at Aesthetica Short Film Festival and a finalist in the 16 Days and 16 Films competition, hosted by Modern Films and the Kering Foundation.

Emma Langguth
Helen Mort
Darryl O'donovan
Raoul Brand
Vera Simmonds
Daria Nitsche, Rebecca Mark-Lawson, Clair Maleney (Tyke Films Ltd)
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