War at Home

Poland2023documentary78'Konkurs polski (2023)

Imad, who comes from Syria, has been living in Warsaw for several decades – this is where he started a family and runs his restaurant. Despite his bond with Poland, he feels suspended between two worlds. Will he be able to fulfill his dream about returning to the country of his birth? The film begins with an assistance expedition to Syria organized by the protagonist in 2013. On the way, he is accompanied by his two teenage children for whom this journey becomes an opportunity to discover their Syrian roots. In an ambulance, which is to be donated to the Syrian health service, they set off to war-torn Syria.

directed by
Aleksander Zalewski, portret reżysera
Aleksander Zalewski

Film director, screenwriter and producer. Studied directing at the Radio and Television Department of the University of Silesia in Katowice, as well as history and cultural studies at the University of Warsaw. Creator of the author's documentary series titled "Sports Clubs of the Capital". Director and producer of a documentary film about a Polish-Syrian family titled "Civil War" (2023). Author of the screenplay of the feature film "Hlaskower" about Marek Hlaska (together with Arkadiusz Biedrzycki) and the dramatic texts of "Queen of Snow" and "Meeting in Stockholm". Co-founder of the film production company Consigliere Film Studio. Recipient of a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for the Dissemination of Culture in the field of film in 2023.

Piotr Chodura
Aleksander Zalewski
Antoni Wojnar
Bartek Putkiewicz
Tammy Mehanni, Łukasz Stajkowski
Anna Kubik-Sobala (Aksamit Sp. z o.o.), Aleksander Zalewski
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