2021animated8'Virtual Reality na KFF (2023)

VR “Nightsss” is an virtual erotic poem – an artistic animation with ASMR and interactive elements that immerses the viewer in the sensual experience of poetry, dance and nature. The script is based on the spoken word poem “Nightsss” in which the sounds characteristic of the Polish language create onomatopoeic landscapes crossing language barriers. Even when you do not understand words, emotions flow from ASMR sound relations and rhythmic structures, and from the choreography of the character you will meet in the virtual world. VR “Nightsss” opens up the immersant for a sensual encounter with her/his own body, imagination and virtual space, which subtly resonate in thoughts and movements even after exiting the experience. Rhythmic transformation ends in a daytime environment that brings meditative space for reflection on one's body and movement in virtual space. After many transformations, we can stand for a moment in front of the large virtual Sun and absorb its heat, resonating not only in our virtual body.

directed by
Weronika Lewandowska, portret reżysera
Weronika Lewandowska

Sandra Frydrysiak, portret reżysera
Sandra Frydrysiak

Kadr z filmu Nightsss