Poland2021fiction10'Virtual Reality na KFF (2023)

"Cosmogonic" is the first VR experience inspired by the Polish science-fiction writer Stanisław Lem—known for investigating humanity and social justice through visions of faraway planets and mechanical beings. In Cosmogonic, we travel into the memories of the title character, a once-great robot engineer, to visit the planet of Actinuria. Here, the Pallatinids, a society of giant robots, live under the cruel King Archithorius. Fearing a conspiracy, he forces the citizens to wear suits of uranium armor, which cause an explosion if too many of them gather. But one Pallatinid—a bold, young inventor named Pyron—decides to use science and technology to inspire a revolution. An adaptation of a 1965 short story by Lem, Cosmogonic speaks perfectly to today’s world, where populism and disinformation threaten democracy. It is a testament to the importance of knowledge and community in the universal drive to freedom.

directed by
Paweł Szarzyński

Kadr z filmu Cosmogonic