Poland2022documentary18'Virtual Reality na KFF (2023)

How does a mentally ill person feel? How does he or she see the world? Or maybe the division between healthy and mentally ill people not exist at all? For the project's creators, their interest in creating photographic and cinematic images has for years gone hand in hand with an attempt to understand and be open to the world of mental issues.

directed by
Patryk Jordanowicz

Tadeusz Chudy, portret reżysera
Tadeusz Chudy

Film director and cinematographer. He studied Philosophy and Film Studies at the Jagiellonian University and Film, Television and Photography at the Radio and Television Faculty of the University of Silesia. He is a visual artist working with film and photography. He published a photo book ‘Vulnerable’, which had its premiere at the Leica 6x7 Gallery.

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