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Israel2024fiction12'International Short Competition

A rucksack suddenly falls from the edge of the table. No, it is not true. Nothing happens suddenly. The backpack started falling the moment it was put away by Naomi. Her gesture began the process whose result we could see. Current events are not sudden, they are a result of what happened before, even when the relationship does not seem obvious. And what happened in the case of Albert and what decision will he take when one month and eleven days later he stands above a dying bee? Tal Menkes, winking an eye at us, reminds the viewers that finding oneself at the very bottom may sometimes be the best thing that can ever happen to anybody. His film is full of lightness and humor typical of Etgar Keret’s short stories. Because life is sour-sweet, sometimes it is horrible and sometimes it has the taste of delicious coffee.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Tal Menkes

Director, producer and actor born in Tel Aviv in 1985. For over a decade he has worked as a copywriter until he underwent a significant life change and began practicing Vipassana. In the last few years, he has ventured into producing and directing online videos and commercials. He has also directed three performances in which he acted. "Suisunday" is his first short film.

Matan Balalty
Tal Menkes
Yoel Ron, Orna Katz, Laura Sofia Hernandez Gil, Shiri Lotan
Omer Luz
Yuval Bar El
Noam Levy, Rani Avidan
Refael Adinayev
Kadr z filmu Suisunday