“Of Fathers and Sons” nominated for the Oscars!

“Of Fathers and Sons”, the winner of the documentary competition of last year’s KFF nominated for The Academy Award in the documentary competition!


“Of Fathers and Sons”, dir. Talal Derki

What does the life of jihadists look like? After “The Return to Homs” (The winner of the 2014 Silver Horn), a testimony to the radicalisation of the rebellion against al-Assad’s dictatorship, the director paid a visit to his home country again. He gained the trust of the family of an Islamic fundamentalist and spent over two years filming their daily life and fight with the enemy. In the meantime, the youngest generation of jihadists is growing up in the shadow of war – children deprived of childhood, brainwashed and undergoing murderous training.


The winners will be announced during the ceremony on the 24th February. 



Talal Derki during the 58th KFF, ph. A. Fiejka