The Self Portrait

Norway / 2020 / documentary / 70' / Documentary Film Competition

Lene Marie Fossen does not want to be the ‘icon of anorexia’, although photography is a form of self-therapy for her. Regardless of the fact whether she photographs residents of Greek islands, refugees or herself in unusual outfits, her pictures, shocking and beautiful at the same time, become a recording of her desperate battle against the disease and death. The camera accompanies the young Norwegian artist in her struggle with herself above all. At the beginning of a great career, the protagonist is still a little girl who is afraid to grow up.

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directed by
Margreth Olin

A Norwegian award winning director and producer, most known for her documentaries. In 1998 her first full-length documentary “In the House of Angels” was released theatrically in Norway. Her international breakthrough came with the film “My Body” in 2002. Olin’s documentary “Doing Good” is one of the highest grossing documentaries ever in Norway.

Katja HogsetQ&A guest

Katja Høgset graduated in 2014 from Lillehammer University College as a documentary film director. Her graduation film “The Best” was screened at several festivals in Norway. Since then she has been working in Speranza Film, making her debut documentary feature “Isolation Row” (2018). It was seen by 600 000 people on national television, and it created national debate and political change.

Espen Wallin

A Norwegian photographer, who has published his documentary images, portraits and own work in the major Norwegian magazines. Lately he has been focusing on filming and has done several music videos and commercials for social media. He has also been working with Lene Marie Fossen for 8 years, and has through that relationship earned an exclusive and unique position to capture the essence of her work.

Espen Wallin, Espen Wallin Øystein Mamen, Lars Tubaas Øymo
Margreth Olin, Katja Hogset, Espen Wallin
Susanne Sundfør
Helge Billing, Michał Leszczylowski
Margreth Olin (Speranza Film)
The Self Portrait