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This example of small realism in cinema is an observation of a trapped girl, devoid of affectionate sentimentalism. How did Nina become deprived of the carefree joy of childhood so that she ended up in the care of a much older man in an unknown city, far away from her family? She makes her living as a pickpocket. She finds friendship in the company of an abandoned dog. During her next attempt she is caught red-handed, but her victim decides not to call the police and, instead, offers help. Will it be sufficient to escape to a better life?

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Hristo Simeonov

Writer and film director based in Sofia. Berlinale and Sarajevo Talents alumni. His collaboration with human rights foundations in Bulgaria resulted in the creation of multiple documentaries and videos. His short fiction films are shown at international festivals like Clermont-Ferrand, Tampere, Dresden, Cottbus, Kiev, Bilbao, Triest, Thessaloniki, Vienna, Tel Aviv etc. His debut short film “The Son” (2015) won the Main Short Film Prize at Cottbus Film Festival (2016) and Best Bulgarian Short Film at the Bulgarian Film Academy Awards (2016) and other 15 awards.

Vesselin Hristov
Konstantin Bojanov
Plamena Stefanova, Borislav Rusev, Margita Gosheva, dog Lili
Goran Andrich
Ivan Andreev, Veselin Zografov
Hristo Simeonov
Poli Angelova, Nikolay Todorov (Screening emotions)
Kadr z filmu Nina