Kosher Beach

Israel / 2019 / documentary / 62' / World Stories. World of Women

Clean and sunny beaches of Tel Aviv attract crowds of city residents and tourists. In one of the most secularised cities of Israel, there is a space for its Orthodox female dwellers longing to swim in the sea. A fenced and marked beach on selected days of the week attracts women dressed in traditional clothes. It is a shelter and a meeting place for praying women of different ages. They swim, exercise, meditate and even surf under the watchful eye of lifeguards who, from their tower, have an excellent view of an adjacent beach where men's swimming trunks patterned with rainbow flags are much more common than long robes.

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directed by
Karin KainerQ&A guest

An award-winning documentary film director and photographer. Her films have been screened internationally in theaters and on television including “Rinascita” (2011) - winner Haifa Film Festival, “Das iz der valt” (2010) - Docu-Challenge winner at Docaviv Film Festival, “Skate of Mind” (2010) - winner at LAMA Film Festival Los Angeles, Jerusalem Film Festival Official Selection, Trieste Film Festival, FIPA Film Festival Biarritz, Knowledge Network Canada, Al Jazeera, Brazil, Argentina, France 4, Abuja, Lagos (2009), “South Wind on Hilton Beach” (2007) - Haifa Film Festival.

Karin Kainer, Einav Goodman Giat, Ynon Slutzky, Roee Farag, Tal Mor
Karin Kainer
Erez Russo
Yael Leibovitz, Arik Lahav Leibovich
Kosher Beach