Australia, Hungary / 2019 / documentary / 75' / World Stories. World of Women

A tempestuous history of the 20th century, three continents and three generations of abandoned women. Lili, who is Hungarian, has been living in Australia for many years. She left her homeland right after the revolution of 1956. Her elder child, little Lili, stayed in Europe. After many years, the woman, together with her younger daughter, decides to go on the last trip to her homeland. She does not find her abandoned child there, but she meets her granddaughter and her family. She tries to rekindle the relationship with her relatives. She will have to face an inconvenient truth about her father's past as well.

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directed by
Peter HegedusQ&A guest

Film director, producer, writer. His filmmaking career spans close to 20 years. His critically acclaimed films have won numerous awards around the world and been broadcast in many countries. Peter’s work is characterized by a commitment to social justice and the environment be they documentary or drama. Selected filmography: “Grandfathers and Revolutions” (1998), “Inheritance, a fisherman’s story” (2003), “Redemption” (2004), “My America” (2011), “The Trouble With St Mary’s” (2011), “Welcome to the Lucky Country” (2013), “Éva” (2015), “Strudel Sisters” (2016), “Lili” (2018)

Zoltan Vladucz
Peter Hegedus
Ádám Balázs
Gabor Csaszar
Ágnes Mógor, Judy Yeh
Peter Hegedus, Andras Muhi (Soul Vsion Films, FocusFox)