Dreams from The Outback

Denmark / 2019 / documentary / 84' / Focus on Denmark

In 1967, the indigenous residents of Australia received full citizens’ rights and were considered members of Australian society, but many years of humiliation, forced assimilation and persecution wreaked havoc that affected consecutive generations. Gabriel and Peter are trying to keep old traditions alive despite the absence of the community’s support. Felicity is starting her life afresh after winning her struggle with alcoholism. Billy and Jordan, two brothers, meet for the first time although they are teenagers. This documentary is a unique opportunity to find out about the stories of people who seldom agree to speak in front of the camera.

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directed by
Jannik SplidsboelQ&A guest

Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Mikael Kloster Ebbesen
Søren Steen Jespersen (Larm Film)
Dreams from The Outback