Winter Journey

Denmark / 2019 / documentary / 87' / Focus on Denmark

Family memories come alive in this formally experimental documentary thanks to the dialogue between the father and the son which can be seen on the screen. Confronted by his son, who wants to discover and explore the unknown history of his ancestors, the father begins to tell a poignant story about the times before the war. His memories can also be revived thanks to carefully selected archival materials from the 1930s and the music that played an essential role in the characters’ lives. The father is played by Bruno Ganz, an eminent actor known from such films as "Downfall" or "Wings of Desire".

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Media Partner
directed by
Anders ØstergaardQ&A guest

co-directed by
Erzsébet Rácz
Henner Besuch
Anders Østergaard, Martin Goldsmith
Dominik Schleier
Anders Villadsen
Mette Heide, Thomas Kufus, Tassilo Aschauer (Plus Pictures)
Winter Journey