Fat Front

Denmark, Sweden, Norway / 2019 / documentary / 87' / Focus on Denmark

Four young women from different parts of Scandinavia are trying to redefine traditional beauty cannons by promoting body positivity – the unconditional celebration of one’s own body. Through social media and events organized by themselves, they try to show other people that they are not alone in the fight for the acceptance of their own bodies. An international support group is being formed, but positive opinions are followed by a hate wave. Behind optimistic slogans and activities, there are intimate stories of the characters who have struggled with doubt, lack of understanding and reluctance from early childhood.

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directed by
Louise Detlefsen

Louise Unmack Kjeldsen

Sine Vadstrup Brooker, Louise Detlefsen
Jenny Wilson
Steen Johannessen
Malene Flindt Pedersen (Hansen & Pedersen Film og Fjernsyn)
Fat Front