Ernst and the Light

Denmark / 1996 / fiction / 12' / Focus on Denmark

Ernst is returning home from a business trip. He is just one hour of driving away from his wife when he stops to take a suspect hitchhiker. It turns out that his companion has extraordinary powers – he may turn electricity on and off on cue. These supernatural abilities come from the fact that the hitchhiker is from another world – he is Jesus himself. He returned after many years and plans to introduce a new order with the assistance of a chosen individual, which is the role assigned to Ernst himself. But Ernst is not impressed at all by the return of the saviour and his old-fashioned tricks. He has a completely different proposal for him as regards the salvation of the world.

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directed by
Anders Thomas Jensen

Tomas Villum Jensen

Jens Schlosser
Anders Thomas Jensen
Jens Jørn Spottag, Søren Østergaard, Jesper Bæhrenz
Frans Bak
(M&M Productions)
Ernst and the Light