Ikki Illa Meint

Denmark, Faroe Islands / 2018 / fiction / 21' / Focus on Denmark

While shopping in a supermarket, Elinborg runs into her friend Marita who invites her to a birthday party. The situation becomes awkward when it turns out that Elinborg removed Marita from her friends on one of social media platforms. Marita, its active user, loves to share what is going on in her life with others and provoke discussions on important subjects, which meets with a mixed response among other friends. Forced to confront Marita, Elinborg, she tries to explain the reasons for her decision, which leads to the disclosure of the information that will have serious consequences for both girls.

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directed by
Andrias Høgenni

Jan Bastian Muñoz Marthinsen
Andrias Høgenni
Mariann Hansen, Sissal Drews Hjaltalin, Niels Dampe
Johannes Rothaus Nørregaard
Ikki Illa Meint