Our Fathers' Sons

Denmark / 2014 / fiction / 8' / Focus on Denmark

Do you know that you will always be different? This is the rhetorical question asked by the protagonist’s father. Who is really different? Is it the son who has spent his life in Denmark or the father who comes from a foreign country and for whom the Danish language and customs will always be foreign and, as a consequence, may be a source of not only funny anecdotes but also racist attacks? The son has an answer to this and other questions prepared as a monologue that he delivers on stage to all those that might encounter his father in the future. In the case of such a confrontation, he would like them to do only one, very important thing.

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directed by
Ulaa Salim

Eddie Klint
Ulaa Salim, Wahid Sui
Wahid Sui
Ulaa Salim
Our Fathers' Sons