Higher Love

USA / 2019 / documentary / 78' / Documentary Film Competition

When Nani, a drug addict, becomes pregnant, her partner Daryl, who is unable to help her anymore, tries at least to save their baby. Together with the fresh father, we delve into the underworld of New York’s Camden, where the lives of several characters meet. Without any anaesthetic, the film shows the brutal reality of the American opioid crisis. Against this background, the determination of the protagonist, who would like to get out of this vicious circle and ensure a safe future for his son, becomes even more prominent.

directed by
Hasan Oswald

Film director, producer, actor. Entering the film world only four years ago, he has quickly established a unique ability to capture the human experience through verité cinema. His unfettered access to and intimacy with his characters creates a seamless veneer between the filmmaker and subject. His work first caught the eye of award-winning filmmakers Nick Quested and Sebastian Junger (“Restrepo”) and he started his professional career as a cameraman for National Geographic’s film Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS. He has since covered the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, or drug trafficking. "Higher Love” was presented at Slamdance Film Festival, where it won the award for the best feature length documentary film.

Hasan Oswald
Hasan Oswald, Kait Plum, Alexander Spiess
animated by
Pedro Brehm
John Mcdowell
Kait Plum
Alexander Spiess (Higher Love Film LLC), Stephen Nemeth (Rhino Films), Derek Rubin (Higher Love Film LLC)
Higher Love