Depot Asmara

Germany / 2019 / documentary / 25' / Short Film Competition

This small African state on the east coast of the continent, once an Italian colony, was a country occupied by neighbouring Ethiopia. Railways were built in Eritrea thanks to Europeans while Ethiopia is blamed for their collapse. Although the country gained its independence in 1993, it still faces many problems. Two friends cannot imagine their lives far away from the rail tracks which used to be the pride of the land. Everyday work with locomotives brought them together. They differ in terms of age and experience, but what they have in common is the love for locomotives.

directed by
Beatrice MöllerQ&A guest

Award-winning documentary filmmaker from Berlin. She spent a major part of her childhood in South Africa before going back to Germany to study film at the Bauhau-University in Weimar. After her studies, including a year at the National School of Design Swinbourne in Australia/Melbourne, she directed, produced and assisted in several international documentary film projects. Her debut film “Omulaule Means Black”, about ethnic Namibians in socialist East Germany, was a great success on the festival circuit. Filmography: “The Mortician” (2002), “Omulaule Means Black” (2003), “Shalom Salam” (2006),”Shosholoza Expres” (2009), “Everything We Want” (2012), “Freedom Fighter” (2016), “The Dentist With Two Roots (WT)” (2017), “Susan Kigula” (2019), “Depot Asmara” (2020).

Rasmus Sievers
Karoline Schulz
Florian Schewe (Film Five)
Depot Asmara