Coal-Country Song. Gundermann

Germany / 2019 / documentary / 98' / DocFilmMusic Competition

"Bob Dylan from a mine", is how one of the most famous bards of the German People’s Republic, who was still a star after the unification of Germany, was dubbed. Gerhard Gundermann was a worker from the industrial town of Hoyerswerda as well as an idealist who genuinely believed in the political system of that era. Many years later, people who were close to him reminisce about his music and ambiguous attitude to communism, while his pieces are performed by the local choir. "Gundi", who turned to ecology at the end of his life, became the icon of the change that affected his industrial region and the entire country.

directed by
Grit LemkeQ&A guest

Freelance dramaturg, author, consultant and curator. Studied cultural anthropology, literature and ethnology. PhD in European ethnology. She has worked for film festivals (Leipzig, Sheffield, Cottbus, Wiesbaden) since 1991. Head of film programme at DOK Leipzig until 2017. Curated numerous film programmes in Germany and abroad, has contributed to documentaries and TV series, mentored in training initiatives.

Uwe Mann
Grit Lemke
Gerhard Gundermann
Sven Kulik
Gregor Streiber (Inselfilm Produktion)
Coal-Country Song. Gundermann