Beyond Is the Day

Poland / 2020 / fiction / 26' / National Competition

Black and white photographs, amateurs in leading parts and the small realism of Poland’s provinces in the era of the refugee crisis. Paweł is a single man who works on a small river ferry. Hardly anyone visits him and he spends each day doing the same things until he meets Mohammad, an illegal immigrant. Paweł decides to help him. Finally, there is someone he can talk to. This is yet another film by Damian Kocur, an artist known for his work with non-professional actors, who is a frequent guest in Krakow.

directed by
Damian KocurQ&A guest

Translator and author of short feature films and documentaries. He is also a graduate of German Philology at the Jagiellonian University and a student of Film and Television Image Production and Photography at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School in Katowice. His films have been screened and awarded at festivals across the world (including AFI DOCS, Camerimage as well as festivals in Gdynia, Belgrade and Cambridge). The winner of the Silver Hobby Horse at the 57th Krakow Film Festival for "Nothing New under the Sun" (2017), he also received a Special Mention of the Jury at the 58th Krakow Film Festival for "1410". His filmography includes "Lesson" (2013), "21 Days" (2014), "What I Want" (2015), "The Return" (2016), "Nothing New under the Sun" (2017), "1410" (2018), "My Heart" (2019) and "Beyond Is the Day" (2020).

Damian Kocur
Damian Kocur
Paweł B., Mohammad A. Issa
Jakub Jerszyński
Paweł Laskowski, Damian Kocur
Damian Kocur (Tomcat), Michał Sadowski (King House)
Beyond Is the Day